Cultural Agenda

Christmas in BucovinaDecember


Spending the winter holidays in Bucovina is one of the experiences you should not miss!

The customs and habits specific to the winter holidays start from St. Nicholas and end in January, from St. John, they include a wide range, extremely rich in artistic manifestations, both in terms of literary, musical and choreographic folklore and dramatic performances. .

They excel in the richness and variety of clothing, props, decor and even directing, constituting a real popular carnival.

Bucovina DayNovember



And “sweet Bucovina” has her birthday! A century ago, on November 28, 1918, this piece of ancestral land, torn from the heart of the country, found its place in Greater Romania. Every year, on this date, the non-native Bukovinians, as we know them, towering, proud and disobedient, come together to pay homage to the leaders of the struggles for the independence of the nation.

By law, November 28 was declared “Bucovina Day”.

You will see here, dear guest, those men in their festive attire, through whose veins the sap of the firs flows and have the strength of the mountains they shepherd.

Photogenic Bucovina – October


The event brings together, year after year, professional and amateur photographers from all over the country, eager to discover the beauties of the place and to capture in images the traditions, customs, crafts and amazing landscapes of Bucovina.

Wood Road Festival and Dairy Fair – October


Every year, in October, the Wood Road Festival and the Dairy Fair celebrate and promote the old occupants of the people of Câmpulungen. Folk craftsmen, animal breeders and small local producers, stalls with traditional dishes made on the spot, in front of customers, the folk show, make this event a point of attraction for thousands of people.

Câmpulung Film Fest Film Festival – August



Câmpulung Film Fest is an annual cultural event that invites for each edition productions from two countries: one from the European Union and one from outside it.

For three days, the festival offers the public screenings in unique spaces, concerts, exhibitions, workshops for young people, but also the meeting with young directors from abroad.

Hard Enduro BucovinaAugust


The beautiful surroundings of Câmpulung host, every year, in August, one of the biggest “off-road” motorcycle sports competitions in the country.

The competition attracts hundreds of motor enthusiasts and includes enduro events for several categories (professionals, experts, hobbies and girls) on routes with different levels of difficulty.

International Folklore Festival “Bucovina Meetings” – July


Within the event of European importance, the folklore and traditions of Bukovina are presented, through the organizational participation of six countries, where former inhabitants of Bukovina and their descendants live: Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Republic of Moldova.

The general objective of the festival is to promote Bucovina, as a model of understanding and harmonious collaboration by preserving the cultural identity.

Within the cultural activities carried out throughout the festival, the aim is to present the cultural-popular richness of Bucovina in its multiethnic manifestation, by reviewing the participating artistic groups, which present the song, game, music, dress and customs, as well as stimulating the formation process. awareness of the regional Bucovina community, especially among young people.

National Drift Championship – Transrarău Stage – July


A stage of the National Drift Championship takes place every year in July, on Transrarău, one of the most spectacular mountain trails in Romania, at over 1,000 meters altitude.

The competition brings together at the start over 30 of the best drivers from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Becoming a tradition for local drifting, the stage in Bucovina offers not only a beautiful view, but also a unique show, attracting thousands of spectators every time.

Edelweiss Night Run – May


Edelweiss Night Run este o competiție de alergare montană pe timp de noapte, dedicată celor pasionați de alergare, munte și natură.

An de an participă sute de concurenți, atât din România cât și din străinătate.

Traseul este unul de dificultate medie, desfășurându-se 70 % prin pădure și 30% pe pajiște deschisă, urcările fiind abrupte și coborârile lejere.

Easter in Bucovina – April


The Easter holiday, the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, is considered by the people of Bucovina the biggest and, especially, the most spiritual holiday of the year.

Here, traditions are preserved and respected with the same consistency and holiness as a few hundred years ago.

Spring cleaning, reddening and decorating eggs, the Resurrection service, the consecration of dishes, the traditional Easter meal – this is the journey we invite you to, a magical journey, with a festive atmosphere, full of emotions, joy and delight of the senses.


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