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The traveler who has the opportunity to cross the Câmpulung Moldovenesc area will notice that here, within the renewals that radically change the structure of the settlements, the way of life and the mentalities of the people, authentic elements of the popular traditions are preserved.

Overall, here, as in the whole area, the traveler will distinguish a huge creative workshop, depository of traditional folk art of major aesthetic value.

The art of carved wood is specific to our folk art. The varied range of notches includes a network of intersecting lines, zigzags, but also circles, rosettes, curved lines, stars, triangles, squares, rhombuses and hexagons. The notches in the wood are found on shepherd’s sticks, whistles, sewing machines, pegs, yokes, on household objects: ladles, mats, curd patterns, blinds and trimmings.

To the picturesque plains of Câmpulung Moldovenesc are added the beauty and picturesqueness of the peasant costumes.

The richness of Câmpulungean folklore (the song and the doina, the ballad and the fairy tale, etc.), is the expression of some old traditions, such as the ritual songs: the wedding prayer and the plow, the last being constituted in traditions, accompanied by certain ritual practices from the most beautiful.

The baptism, the wedding, the funeral, as well as the carols, the plow, the ox on the eve of the Eve, the goat, the sowing, represent as many manifestations with distinct repertoires, which turn into grandiose popular performances, involving, as on other occasions, the whole community.

The preservation of the traditions, as well as of the folklore with the valences of an undeniable poetic language, give dimension to the spiritual culture, completing the ensemble of the Romanian traditions from these Bucovina lands, defining the area.

Câmpulung Moldovenesc as a first-rate ethnographic hearth, in which tradition is the basis of any cult creation.


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