The municipality of Câmpulung Moldovenesc has a temperate continental climate in which the winters are relatively long, rich in snow, but not excessively harsh, and the summers are cool, with rich rainfall. Snow usually falls from October to the end of April; the average duration of the snow carpet is about 90 days.

Regarding rainfall, on average there are over 130 rainy days per year, totaling about 700 mm.

One of the factors that explains the remarkable purity of the urban atmosphere is the breezes – a huge natural fan. Towards evening, a barely felt breeze descends and brings to the city the coolness of the heights and the ozone of the forests: it is the mountain breeze that displaces the “used” air during the day and receives it. Instead, in the morning, under the caress of the sun’s rays, the valley breeze starts, which raises the fog and spreads it slowly, leaving the heavy dewy grasses.

Câmpulung can be visited in any season, each of them offering the tourist, leisure or hiking enthusiast, a wide range of weather conditions, which are more or less pleasant and full of satisfaction.

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