The city of Campulung Moldovenesc

The town of Câmpulung Moldovenesc is located in a charming region, on the banks of the Moldova River, at the foot of Rarău Mountain (621m), 70 km away from the city of Suceava. The first documented mention of this town dates back to the year 1411. The cool air and the mountain setting bestow upon it the attributes of a refreshing tourist resort.

The project is funded by the European Union ROP 2007-2013, Priority 5 -Development of sustainable and promote tourism Key Area of ​​Intervention 5.3 „Promoting tourism potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania’s attractiveness as a tourist destination,” Operation – Creating Centres National Tourism Information and Promotion and their equipment.
The project goal is to build and equip a center for tourist information and promotion with a surface of 60 sqm. Project implementation period is 6 months. Project beneficiaries / target group:CNIPT CL
– Tour operators working in the tourism sector, interested in tourism promotion and information, in order to increase the number of tourists, the days of their stay, in order to create a frequency vizitare.a
– Administrative-territorial units Campulung Moldovenesc by increasing expertise and investment in the local environment, laying the foundation for the development of tourism infrastructure and supporting all tourism operators.
– The project team will develop by increasing experience, the team contracted and responsible persons from Campulung Moldovenesc.
– Temporary employees and operating, which is to develop both the experience and financially, increasing labor employment.
– The investment opportunity offering benefits resulting from the target audience and the need to identify the needs of the stakeholders and the scarcity of information and tourism promotion in the area Campulung Moldovenesc. By CNIPT’s establishment shall be settled in the area Campulung Moldovenesc and promoting tourism deficit being brought significant benefits.

Project budget:
1.The total estimated project: 473,341,21 lei
2.Total value of the project eligible 374,367.84 lei
3.ERDF reimbursable value of 338,316.22 lei
4.Value reimbursable national budget 28564.26 lei
5.Co-eligible beneficiary 7487.36 lei
Specific objectives of the project:
– Construction of a National Tourism Information and Promotion
– Providing national information centers and tourism promotion
– Promoting the city via a website
– Creating new jobs
– Support for promotion and information campaign on project implementation
– Promoting a database with information about offers and services in the area
– Promoting a database of tour operators and actors in the region
– Protecting the environment through the acquisition and implementation of photovoltaic technology for the production of green energy